For Youth


A Host Home provides a safe, supportive place to stay for short or long-term placement until you can safely return to your family, finish school, or transition into another safe situation.

A Host Home may be someone you already know, like a family friend, or it could be one of our trained community member. We work with you to determine what is going the best fit and which host family is right for you.

We understand and respect that each youth is different. The Host Home Program is youth-driven, meaning every host home experience will look a little different based on your goals and experiences. At HRY pairing you with a host family is a very individualized process that considers the needs and interests of everyone involved. We help give you the agency to choose from our pool of hosts.

Expectations, guidelines, and boundaries around each housing situation and length of stay are created with you, your hosts, and HRY staff to ensure that the needs of all parties are heard and respected.


The Host Home Program supports youths who need shelter because of family conflict, personal challenges, or other circumstances.

Application: Youth Application

  • Youth enrolled in any of the following school districts:

    • SAD 75

    • RSU 1

    • Brunswick School District

    • Region 10 Technical High School 

  • Youth who are:

    • Living in youth or family shelters or transitional housing

    • Couch surfing, staying with a significant other or friend, or family member other than parent/guardian

    • Living in a motel or hotel

    • Staying in a campground or tent, in your cars, abandoned building or sleeping outside unsheltered