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The Host Home Program provides youths with the opportunity to obtain safe, stable, housing in their own community.  Our program recognizes the importance of youth connection to school, friends, and other natural supports. HRY works to assist youth in maintaining these key relationships in order to be successful. The Host Home Program offers a unique alternative for youths who find themselves couch surfing, sleeping in their cars or outside, bouncing between motels, or staying in emergency shelters.

Safe-Haven Hosts

Safe-Haven Hosts provide youths in crisis or in need of short-term emergency housing a safe, stable housing option until a long-term match can be established. The goal of the Safe Haven Host Home Program is to provide a short-term housing option where the youths can meet their immediate needs, assess next steps, find a long-term option, or negotiate moving back in with family depending on their situation. This program provides housing anywhere from one night up to one month, depending on the needs of the youth, and the capacity of the hosts. 

Safe Haven Application  

Deep Roots Hosts

Deep Roots Host Homes offer long-term housing so youths can focus on their education and be successful moving forward. This option provides housing anywhere from one month through high school graduation depending on the needs of the youth, and the capacity of the hosts. Hosts in this program work with one youth at a time, for a prolonged period to help create long-term stability and support systems.  

During the youth’s stay HRY works closely with each youth to establish short-term and long-term goals for their future, connecting with family of origin, and learning critical life skills.

Deep Roots Application


In order to be considered for hosting a youth the host family must:

  • Have an extra bedroom or private area to house youth
  • Be at least 25 years of age
  • Live in the greater Brunswick/Topsham/Bath area
  • Complete a Host Home Application, which includes:
    • Background Check Authorization
  • Complete an in-home interview, with all individuals living in the home present
  • Allow HRY staff to conduct a safety inspection 
  • Complete HRY Host Home Training